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concrete mixture

MCK Mini-Mix Concrete Guide

concrete mixture

Ready-mix concrete is not just used for large scale commercial projects – it is a hugely useful material for domestic projects.

There are different grades of concrete depending on what / how it is being used – We have put together a quick guide for some of the domestic jobs you might be working on along with a some notes on understanding what everything means!

C = cylindrical value

Second Number is always strength class ie C32/40 =   40N Concrete

D= aggregate size eg: D10 = 10mm aggregate    D20 = 20mm aggregate

S = Slump – This is how wet the concrete is (Lower value = Drier)

Note– If using a Concrete Pump, at a minimum you will require S3 Pump mix concrete between 100-150mm slump

Leanmix                                          C16/20 D20 S1 Semi Dry

Shed Base Mix                              C25/30 D10 S2 Extra sand 75slump

Finished Floor Mix                       C28/35 D10 S2 Extra sand 75slump

Foundation Mix                            Engineer House Foundation Spec             C28/35 D20 S2 75slump

Foundation boundary wall/garden wall    C25/30 D20 S2 75slump

Footpath Mix                              Traditional Mix                                  C25/30 D10 S2 Extra sand 75slump

Local Authority Spec/Pathcrete     C40/50 D10 S2 Extra sand 75slump

Farm Yard Mix                                C32/40 D20 S2 Extra sand 75slump

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