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DIY Garden Room

MCK Mini-Mix – DIY Projects

No Project is too big or small for MCK Mini-Mix Concrete – Over the years we have seen a huge array of DIY projects & uses for our high-quality ready-mix concrete.

Shed Bases:

Sheds are now commonplace in most homes. They provide extra storage space for all your outdoor bits & pieces lawnmower, tools, bikes, etc. A concrete base for you should is a great investment and one we would highly recommend. Concrete is structurally secure, can support the weight of the shed itself as well as the contents, it will not rot and is resistant to pests.

Garden Rooms:

Garden rooms, Log Cabins / Shomeras – Regardless of what you call them the last few years has seen a rapidly rising demand for outdoor living space. Home Office, Home Gyms, Home Bars – People all over Ireland have been investing in their outdoor living space and making their homes work better for them. Regardless of what they are being used for Garden Rooms are usually much larger and therefore heavier than a standard garden shed and that’s before you add any internal fittings – So having a strong foundation is critical to ensuring the longevity of your new outdoor space.

Hot Tubs:

Hot tubs are extremely heavy items! When you factor in the unit itself, the water and the people you could easily be talking about a weight of 6,000lbs, so having a base that can support that weight is essential.

A concrete pad is the most common type of base for a hot tube and is what the majority of hot tub manufacturers or stores will recommend.

Driveways / Printed Concrete:

Imprinted, patterned and coloured concrete is a modern, low maintenance cost effective solution for large or small areas that need to be paved at MCK Mini-Mix Concrete we work with many printed concrete providers to provide them with the concrete they need as a base for what will then become the printed concrete.

Imprinted patterned concrete is made when our freshly poured ready-mix concrete is stamped with a patterned mat to give the desired effect of tiles, brick, stone, cobblestone, or slate. A colouring agent is added and then it is finished with a High Gloss or Matt sealant to give a stunning natural look.

If you would like to discuss your project with our team, we would be more than happy to recommend printed concrete specialists in your area.

Polished Concrete Floors:

Who knew that polished concrete floors would become the next big thing to have in your home! Thanks to the rise in popularity of home improvement shows such as Room to improve & Grand designs polished concrete in the home really has boomed. That and the fact that despite looking like something out of a Home Magazine it can cost significantly less than alternatives such as tiled floors. At MCK Mini-Mix Concrete we work with a number of exceptional Polished Concrete floor specialists in the Northeast, and we would be happy to recommend someone in your area if this is something you are keen to explore.

To discuss your DIY Project with a member of our expert team get in touch today: